Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jeff's top 10 list for home inseminations

Jeff's Top 10 List for Home Inseminations

1. Begin taking zinc & selenium supplements ASAP. Not sure how old you are, but we did this when we were 39 and 42. When we initially had our swimmers tested prior to beginning the process, we were told we were "average" which is something NO man EVER wants to hear. We started taking these supplements - and our follow-up swimmer test showed major improvement, into the ABOVE AVERAGE range!!!! We took them almost every day (there were days we'd forget) about 1 month before we started insems and then kept on them throughout.

2. Boxers are better than briefs - make the switch at least a month before you begin insems.

3. 72 hours before the first insem, you want to "clean the pipes" --BUT, then no activity until your insem. This way, your first batch is full of maximum quantity and quality (no old spermies). You want to wait 24 hours before your next insem to let them build up again.

4. No alcohol 72 hours before insems. Marijuana should be avoided as well -- and there's evidence that it slows sperm's movement for up to 3 months - because it actually affects the sperm that are still developing in the testicles. So, if you partake of the doobage, you might want to stop now!

5. No hot tubs 72 hours before (or during the days of insems). Even when taking a shower, don't have the water too hot, and don't let it hit the boys too long.

6. Have an espresso or Mountain Dew about 30-45 minutes before you produce -- there's evidence to show the caffeine makes the little guys swim faster.

7. NO LUBRICANT during masturbation in producing the samples. There's evidence that lubricants (even K-Y, other non-oil-based ones, and saliva) can slow down sperm. There's a product called Pre-Seed that you can get online that is all right to use if you need/want lubrication for masturbation.

8. PRACTICE getting your ejaculate into a cup. You may laugh - but how many times have we actually had to do that??? I wish we would have practiced!

9. When you get it into the cup - some will stick to the side and be sort of difficult to draw up into the syringe. Get some preservative- free saline (in the contact lens solution section of a drug store), and you can squirt a little bit of that on the side of the cup and swirl it around to get all the sperm into the bottom of the cup where it's easier to draw up into the syringe.

10. As soon as you are done - MAKE A JOKE! Have your surro make a joke about it when she's done too. It's absolutely essential, in my opinion, to laugh about this!!!!


Katie Ann said...

Thats really great advice! We are just getting ready to do home insems. So, thank you Jeff!!

rick ames said...

Fantastic! Those are really useful tips!