Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Space for Adoption

This couple turned to My Space to search for a baby to adopt!

TAYLOR, Mich. - A suburban couple who spent five years trying to conceive has turned to in search of birth parents so they can adopt a child.
Sherry and Karl Dittmar already have a biological son and two adopted sons, but they also want a little girl.
“Dear birthmother,” their MySpace posting begins. “We cannot imagine how difficult making an adoption plan for your child must be. ... Thank you for including our profile in your search for the right family to raise your baby.”
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The MySpace page had not drawn any offers of a baby by Wednesday morning, although the couple got a lead on a pregnant teen who was considering adoption, Sherry Dittmar told The Associated Press. She said she had received more than 1,700 messages since Monday alone.
“It’s crazy,” said the 31-year-old homemaker.
It wasn’t clear if others had used the social site, popular primarily with young people, to find pregnant women considering adoption. Other Web sites specifically about adoption also post hopeful adoptive parents’ profiles.

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taylor said...

wow, thats pretty neat. Just shows you the power of advertising.