Saturday, March 27, 2010

Egg Donation in Oklahoma

Egg Donor Option Preserved in Oklahoma!

A bill to make it unlawful to compensate egg donors in Oklahoma has been thwarted after a Senate committee chairman determined his panel will not consider the issue this session. The sponsor of HB 3077 contends the bill would not prohibit egg donation, only the practice of compensating for it, and promises to bring the bill back next year. By an overwhelming margin, the bill passed the state House weeks earlier and sent the medical and patient communities into around the clock action. Actively opposing the bill were ASRM, the Oklahoma State Medical Society and RESOLVE , The National Infertility Association. ASRM member Dr. Eli Reshef and his colleagues were instrumental in coordinating efforts to educate Oklahoma lawmakers about the detrimental effects on family building options for infertile patients, the purpose of compensation to egg donors, the minimal risks associated with the procedure and the informed consent process employed by doctors. ASRM applauds their diligent efforts. The egg donation process has come under increasing scrutiny as evidenced by legislation introduced in other states at the behest of organizations opposed to assisted reproduction. Exorbitant egg donor fees paid by some egg donor agencies have fueled the debate.

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